Creative Tunings Spider Capo Features:

Lets you play hundreds of tunings, without detuning the guitar Allows for fine tuning of each guitar string Also functions as standard 6-string capo Works with electric and acoustic guitars Allows for easy barre chords in open tunings Lets you change guitar tunings mid-performance The Creative Tunings Spider Capo opens your guitar up to hundreds of tunings!


Fantastically Flexible Capo!

Put the Creative Tunings Spider Capo on your electric or acoustic guitar's neck and find out what true playing flexibility is really like. The incredible Spider Capo has individual lever-triggered pads for each string - so your tuning possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Switch effortlessly between open tunings, standard tuning, and custom tunings (even mid-song), or use the Spider capo as a standard 6-string capo. The easy-access levers make quick changes a snap, and the elegantly simple attachment design lets you easily move the Spider Capo up and down the neck.

Creative Tunings Spider Capo - The Studio Grade Capo

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