Locking Hi-Hat Clutch with Quick-release Lever


Drop Your Top Hat with a Smack of Your Hand!

The DW SM505 drop-lock hi-hat clutch gives you the ability to let your hi-hat cymbals drop to a closed position with the smack of your hand or the tap of a stick. This locking hi-hat clutch lets you dial in the perfect closed "sloshyness" (DW's word, not ours) so that you can get the sound you want. Plus, the SM505 locks your settings in place for repeatable performance gig after gig. The SM505 is part of the legendary DW 5000 Series of hardware, and offers you tremendous value for your money. Get it and you can be assured that it will last long into the future.


For over 30 years, DW Drums has made some of the most revered drums, pedals, stands, and other drum hardware out there. It all began with an innovative adjustable trap-case seat. Not only was this the first of DW's many breakthrough hardware designs, but it showed the world that they really understand what drumming's all about. On top of that, DW Drums' craftsmanship has more than set the bar for drum makers everywhere. Discover this commitment to quality for yourself in every DW drum and piece of DW hardware you buy.


DW SM505 Drop-lock Hi-Hat Clutch Features:

  • Lever action lets you drop top cymbal with a single blow
  • Cymbal clutch allows you to dial in the amount of play you want
  • Locks in your settings to provide consistent support


You'll get easy hi-hat action with the DW SM505 drop-lock hi-hat clutch!

DRUM WORKSHOP DW SM505 Locking Hi-Hat Clutch with Quick-release Lever

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