DRUM WORKSHOP DWCP9701 Low Boom Ride Cymbal Stand


Low, Stout Cymbal Stand for Rides

The DW 9701 is tailor-made for ride cymbals. Its short stature leaves little to waste, while its heavy-gauged, double-braced tubing stands up to large cymbals without tilting or toppling. Particular about placement? So are we at JJ MUSIC SALES. The 9701's toothless tilter infinitely adjusts your cymbal's angle of attack. And DW's Techlock secondary drum key locking system safeguards against slippage. Beyond that, the DW 9701's adjustable cymbal seat quickly raises and lowers to lock in your preferred level of cymbal sway. Hinged memory locks are included at all critical points for fast setups wherever you play out.


DW 9701 Low Boom Ride Cymbal Stand at a Glance:

  • Techlock secondary locking system protects against slippage
  • DW gear is built to last


Techlock secondary locking system protects against slippage

The DW 9701's Techlock secondary locking system comes from a design inspired by working drum techs. The feature is incorporated at all the critical adjustments points on the DW 9701's hardware, providing a safeguard against slippage from vibration during transport or playing.


DW gear is built to last

Drum Workshop is known around the world for its innovative designs, commitment to quality, and attention to the wants and needs of working drum techs and professional drummers. Whatever your drum and hardware needs, you can count on DW to bring you a killer combination of both proven and cutting-edge designs - and gear that can stand up to the rigors of the road.


DW 9701 Low Boom Ride Cymbal Stand Features:

  • A boom stand that's perfect for rides
  • Squat and stout - supports large cymbals with ease
  • Built from heavy-gauge tubing with double-braced legs
  • Toothless tilter dials in the perfect angle of attack
  • Techlock locking system safeguards against slippage
  • Adjustable cymbal seat with integrated felts and sleeve dials in the right amount of cymbal sway
  • Hinged memory locks allow for precise repeat setups


Treat your ride to its own tailor-made stand: the DW 9701!

DRUM WORKSHOP DWCP9701 Low Boom Ride Cymbal Stand

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