The East Top Harmonica Holder 24  Hole harness is strong, durable and great value for money.  You can now enjoy playing your harmonica and guitar at the same time with this convenient harmonica holder. Countless musicians have been wearing them on stages around the world including the likes of Neil Young, Billy Joel, Eddie Vedder, Bruce Springstein, Bob Dylan and blues singers Jimmy Reed and John Hammond Jr to name but a few. Multitasking will be made easy with this comfortable and affordable East Top Harmonica Holder.

East Top Harmonica Holder 24 Hole Features:

An exclusive harmonica harness for your comfort
Fits most large and small models
Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and sturdy
Lightweight, Comfortable, easy to use
Can hold the harmonica steadily in order to prevent the harmonica from sliding out.
Easily adjustable and comfortable around neck for hands-free playing
East Top Harmonica Holder 24 Hole Specifications:

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Black

Harmonica players who play the harmonica while performing on another instrument with their hands (e.g., an acoustic guitar) often use this accessory called a neck rack or harmonica holder to position the instrument in front of their mouth. A harmonica holder clamps the harmonica between two metal brackets, which are attached to a curved loop of metal that rests on the shoulders. The original harmonica racks were made from wire or coat hangers. Models of harmonica racks vary widely by quality and ease of use, and it quite often takes experimenting with more than one model of harmonica rack to find one that feels suitable for each individual player. This device is used by folk musicians, one man bands and singer songwriters.

Traditional designed to suit all harmonica’s and large enough to accommodate most types of Orchestra models.

East Top Harmonica Holder

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