Gemini AS-15TOGO 15" Portable Wireless Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker




This powerful wireless speaker boasts a 15 in. low-frequency driver for outstanding bass response.


The flagship model of Gemini's TOGO Series, the AS-15TOGO boasts a Class AB amplifier with 500W peak output, a 15 in. high-excursion woofer, and a 1.5 in. high-frequency compression driver. With all that power under the hood, the AS-15TOGO has no problem filling any sized room with incredible thunderous sound.

The AS-15TOGO's built-in lithium-ion battery means you’ll have the juice for hours of wireless freedom. You can even charge the AS-15TOGO from any 12V DC power source—like your car—for the ultimate in portable performance off the grid.

Customize your sound with the professional audio mixer integrated right on the back panel. Featuring EQ controls and echo effects, the AS-15TOGO portable speaker's rear panel also provides microphone and guitar inputs. Additionally, the AUX inputs and outputs allow you to connect any line-level audio source you can think of.

The AS-15TOGO also features its own internal media player which accepts USB sticks and SD cards, and a built-in FM radio. Best of all, this convenient wireless speaker offers Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream music from a wide variety of devices.

Like all the products in Gemini's TOGO Series, the AS-15TOGO features an integrated retractable handle with built-in wheels. 

  • All-in-one portable wireless speaker
  • 15 in. LF driver and 1.5 in. tweeter
  • Class AB amplifier with 500W peak output
  • Bluetooth connectivity and built-in rechargeable battery
  • Internal media player with FM radio


Power, portability and wireless performance—order yours today.

Gemini AS-15TOGO 15" Portable Wireless Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker

PriceFrom C$139.99