Huntington 2-Channel Guitar Amp


The Huntington 10 watt is RMS the ultimate Guitar amplifier and one of the best values on the market today! It features an amazing speaker that hammers out 10 watts with an available second channel for Distortion or just an extra boost along with the standard gain, volume, treble, middle, and bass controls. Moms and Dads will love the Headphone Option.


This amp offers an array of sounds that range from Blues to Metal. It is perfect for students or teachers as well as guitarists looking for a smaller practice amp to work with in their room or on the road! 



- Input Jack

- Gain Volume Control

- Distorion/Boost Push Button

- Treble Control

- Mid Control

- Bass Control

- Headphone Jack

Huntington GA-10 Two Channel Guitar Amp

C$119.99 Regular Price
C$89.99Sale Price