Los Cabos 5B Maple Drumsticks


15.50" x 0.543" MADE IN CANADA


Maple Brings Out That Bright Sound


Maple is a solid, dense wood and is one of the strongest hardwoods in the world, but at the same time is very light. Maple drumsticks are perfect for lighter types of music or energetic music in smaller venues. Los Cabos offers all our popular models in top quality Canadian Maple.


Maple is a  great wood for drumsticks.  It’s light yet durable, perfect for moving around the kit with speed and skill.  Bring out the brightness of your kit with a pair of drumsticks.

Los Cabos 5B Maple Drumsticks

  • Canadian Made Drumstick!

    The Short Story Behind Our Name.

    What to learn a little more about us than you came to the right page 

    Hard to believe with a name like “Los Cabos Drumsticks” that we would be based out of Canada, on the country’s East Coast in the province of New Brunswick.  

    The name Los Cabos (the cape) reflects both the unique qualities of the province and the wide world of music to which our products appeal.