Numark Mixtrack Pro FX 2-channel DJ Controller


2-channel Serato DJ Controller with Dedicated FX Paddle Triggers

Numark's comprehensive Mixtrack Pro FX digital DJ controller comes packed with everything you need to get creative with your favorite tunes. The Mixtrack Pro FX builds on the popular Mixtrack Pro DJ platform, with high-speed USB connectivity, hands-on FX paddles, and high-fidelity 24-bit dynamic range for seamless interaction with your Serato software. An included Serato DJ Lite license gets you hands-on access to audio effects like reverb and echo, flanging and phasing, and filter FX to add drama to your buildups and delight your dance floor. The supersized 6" jog wheels feel rugged and fast in the hands. And the Mixtrack Pro FX's two control decks are perfect for inspiring mashups and remixes. And with powerful 3-band EQs and filters per side, you've got all you need to create euphoric sweeps and bass-wobbling drops. Need more incentive? Three months of TIDAL Premium song streaming and two months of SoundSwitch lighting software keep the party rockin' with millions of jams and professional lighting cues without any fuss.


6" capacitive-touch metal jog wheels

If a controller with jog wheels is what you're after, then get ready for sensitivity like you've never experienced. The Numark Mixtrack Pro FX's dual-zone, 6" metal jog wheels feel great. And since they're capacitive, they activate the moment your fingers touch them — well before your first motion. This unlocks new layers of creative expression, like the ability to scratch or stop a track just by touching the platter.


Dedicated software FX controls

Now accessing Serato DJ's powerful onboard effects in the heat of a performance is simpler than ever. The Numark Mixtrack Pro FX's dedicated FX paddle triggers and switches let you paint tracks in lush reverbs, dizzying delays, and head-turning filter FX with the touch of a switch. Just arm the effects you want and engage and mix to your heart's content.


16 multifunction pads (8 per side)

The 8 backlit pads on each deck are there to give you hands-on control of your performance. The Numark Mixtrack Pro FX makes it easy to launch samples, add loops, and control hot cues in the moment. These pads supply endless access loops, drum kits, and one-shots to spark your creativity onstage.


24-bit audio interface with Serato DJ Lite (included)

The Mixtrack Pro FX is class compliant for both PC and Mac. This means there are no drivers to install to interface with your computer. And since this controller includes Serato DJ Lite, you can start preparing your sets like a pro the moment it arrives at your door.

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX 2-channel DJ Controller

C$435.00 Regular Price
C$289.99Sale Price
    • Builds on Numark's popular Mixtrack Pro platform
    • Onboard FX paddles and switches let you enhance tracks in the heat of a performance
    • 6" capacitive-touch metal jog wheels stop or scratch tracks with the touch of a finger
    • Dedicated 3-band EQ, filter, and gain knobs for each channel
    • Supports up to 2 decks
    • 100mm pitch sliders for precise pitch control
    • 16 multi-function pads (2x8) to launch samples, add loops, and control hot cues
    • 24-bit class-compliant USB interface for PC and Mac
    • Prepare sets like a pro with Serato DJ Lite (included)
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