Microphone and Mixer Kit Just for Drummers

Specially designed to capture the natural tone of your drum set, the Sabian Sound Kit includes three drum-specific microphones and a three-channel mixer. Whether you’re using it for live sound mixing or as a front end for recording into your DAW, the Sabian Sound Kit delivers big, transparent sound that will grab your listeners’ attention. The kit features a dynamic kick drum microphone and two cymbal-optimized, matched overhead microphones — a tried and true combination that produces a natural “in-the-room” sound that compliments any playing style. To create a well-balanced mix, Sabian provides a three-channel mixer with a kick-tuned channel that preserves your low end and preset audio filters to help you dial up an excellent tone quickly. For live applications, the mixer has a line-out, and, for personal monitoring, it’s equipped with a high-output headphone amp with a 3.5mm and a 1/4” jack to accommodate all headphones. Drummers at Sweetwater dig this nifty package for its ease-of-use and high-quality sonics, and we know you will too!


Natural-sounding Microphone Setup

To get the best sound out of the Sabian Sound kit, Sabian suggests a straightforward microphone setup optimized to capture the best qualities of your kit. Simply place the left overhead mic directly above your snare drum, roughly two stick lengths away. Next, place the right overhead mic close to your mike shoulder aimed at the pedal strike point on your kick drum. This configuration greatly reduces any phase issues and offers a balanced sound, which is rounded out by the kit’s supplied kick drum mic. And to eliminate guesswork, Sabian provides a calibration cord for getting accurate measurements every time!

Sabian Sound Kit Drum Microphone and Mixer Set

SKU: 622537075605
  • Sabian Sound Kit Drum Microphones and Mixer Kit Features:

    • Microphone and mixer package specially designed for drummers
    • Includes 1 dynamic kick drum mic and 2 cymbal-optimized overhead mics
    • 3-channel mixer with kick drum-specific channel and preset audio filters for dialing up a great tone quickly
    • High-output headphone amp with 3.5mm jack and 1/4” jack accommodates all standard headphones
    • Microphone setup guide and calibration cord eliminates mic placement guesswork
    • Excellent for both live sound and recording applications
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