- Faster!

- High Definition Display!

- Highest Ever Accuracy!

- Plus Hertz Tuning for 1/10th of 1 Hz Accuracy!

- Super tight tuning!
- Super bright HD display!
- Super fast response!

Snark ST-8HZ Super Tight All Instrument Tuner

C$29.99 Regular Price
C$26.99Sale Price
  • Super tight tuning!

    Super bright HD display!

    Super fast response!


    New software for improved sensitivity and response!

    Snark's advanced model ST-8HZ Super Tight™ chromatic tuner works with any instrument. It features versatile clip-on headstock mounting (no mics, no cords), a bright easy to read color display, and super-accurate tuning. Transposition mode keeps things simple by allowing a normal readout when you're using a capo or dropped tunings. It's a whole lot of tuner for a great price!


    Hz mode for "spot on" Hertz accuracy

    The ST-8HZ features Hz tuning: Tune your guitar using the familiar colored needles on the tuner, then push the Hz button on the back to dial in tuning down to the Hertz.


    • Features:
    • Rubber-padded spring-loaded jaws clip securely and easily to the front or back of an instrument headstock.
    • Bright colorful LED display pivots and rotates to practically any convenient viewing angle. Right or left-hand friendly!
    • Easy to read on a dim stage or in daylight. Colors change from flat to sharp.
    • Vibration-sensing response time is fast, and tuning accuracy is super tight.
    • Pitch can be calibrated from 415 to 466Hz.
    • Auto power-off after 2 minutes of inactivity helps conserve battery life.
    • 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery and instructions included.
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