Dual Signal VHF High band Microphone System



- Two Handheld Microphones

- Dual Attenna Reciever

Technical Pro WM-201 Dual signal VHF Handheld Microphone System

  • Details

    Whether you are looking for a microphone system for karaoke use, leading a fitness class, public speaking, or studio voice recording; the WM201 is a perfect choice. It’s multi-functional, compact, lightweight, and high performance. Wireless capabilities with a 50’ range let you roam as needed without cutting out. Don’t just stand in one spot; get your audience rocking with full interaction.


    The microphone system has digital processing ensuring the best quality recordings and sound output. It functions on a single 9v battery. A 1/4" output lets you connect it to a number of mixing devices or directly to a self-powered speaker system.


    You can easily take this from venue to venue. Just toss it in the back of the car and go. An 80dB dynamic range lets it achieve the same music quality you get in a professional concert hall and easily covers the human speech sounds which only have a 40dB range. The WM201 has an FM modulation mode producing the best audio quality and giving it a higher immunity to noise distortion from electronic frequencies which naturally occur on most AM receivers. Because its FM based, the receiver will record and output only your sound broadcast ignoring other signals on the same frequency.


    The WM201 is ideal for voice recordings and live speech presentations in all environments.

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