VF Drum & Cymbal Mutes Prepack - 8-pc

You Need a Set of Drum Mutes


Made of no-slip rubber, VF Drum Mutes let you practice quietly on your drum kit without disturbing others. Almost all JJ Music Sales drummers own a set of drum mutes, and unless you're a hermit, you probably should, too.


Made of non-slip pure rubber for real action, these mutes make quiet practicing an option on the drum set.

VF MUTEPP8 Drum & Cymbal Mutes Features

Drum and Cymbal  8 piece Mute kit includes:

  • 10", 12", 14", 16", 22", hi-hat, and 2 cymbal mutes
  • Non-slip pure rubber for real action
  • Attenuates drum sound for quiet practicing


Practice quietly with VF MUTEPP8 Drum Mutes!

VC Drum and Cymbal Mutes Prepack - 8-pc

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