Violin Ensemble European Style Outfit - 1/4 thru 4/4


Inspired by European Violin Luthiers, hand carved Spruce with aged maple back and sides, the violin produces a surprisingly resonant and lovely tone. Ebonized pegs and fingerboard provide worry-free playability. The violin is varnished by hand to ensure a beautiful instrument where the sound can freely resonate, unobstructed by a heavy finish. This extra care extends to the French maple bridge as well. Includes lightweight, protective case with shoulder straps, Brazilwood bow, and rosin!



Top Hand Carved Solid Spruce
Back Solid Maple
Sides Solid Maple
Rest Chin Rest
Fingerboard Ebonized Maple
Tuners Metal w/4 Fine Tuners
Tuning Peg Ebonized

Package Includes:
Rosin Cake

**MATTE Finish**


Available in the following sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4.

Violin Ensemble European Style Outfit - 1/4 thru 4/4

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