Zildjian Black Dip Series Grip Drum Sticks


Coated Hickory Drumsticks to Fit Your Playing Style!


A consistent favorite for its medium sized dimensions and teardrop bead. The DIP material is a special coating that is applied to the grip area of the stick to provide a comfortable, slightly tacky gripping surface. This allows drummers to loosen their grip and relax their hands.


These Zildjian Dip Series Hickory sticks are quality hickory Zildjian sticks, great for a variety of styles and genres. These sticks include oval wood tips for full tone, and are dipped in a special coating that provides exceptional grip and stick control.


Zildjian drumsticks are crafted to the same exacting standards as the company's legendary cymbals. Made to give you great feel and response, Zildjian drumsticks are manufactured for consistency (they're guaranteed 100-percent straight), so you know you're getting top performance every time you pick up a pair. Whether you've got a light touch, a heavy hitter, or choose your sticks for comfort,JJ Music knows you're getting the best in high-quality hickory and maple construction from Zildjian drumsticks.


Available in:

- 5B Nylon Tip

- 5A Wood Tip


Zildjian Hickory Drumsticks give you high-quality sticks that suit your style!

Zildjian Black Dip Series Grip Drum Sticks

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