Musical Instrument Repair Services

Good turn around time (within 24 hours*) and reliable service.

Free Repair Quotes and Estimates.

Nothing too big or too small.

Wind & Brass Repairs
Whether it is a flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet or trombone, we have you covered. All repairs are done in-house.





In-house Guitar Luthier (The Guitar Surgeon)

  • Stringed Instruments Repairs and More!

  • Parts Replacement

  • Neck Calibration
  • Intonation

  • Bridge Action Calibration

  • Nut Action Calibration

  • Pick-Up Replacement

  • Repair broken Neck (Gluing)

  • Repair Broken Headstock (Gluing)

  • Repair Broken Body Parts – Small/Medium/Large

  • Body Modification – Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large/Mega

  • Fret Replacement (Fret Wire Not Included)

  • Electronic repairs, inputs, pots etc.

  • We can also just replace you strings if that all you need.

We also Repair, PA Speakers, Power Amps, Guitar & Bass Amps and More.